Class ServiceNamespace


public final class ServiceNamespace extends Namespace
Service Capability and Requirement Namespace.

This class defines the names for the attributes and directives for this namespace.

All unspecified capability attributes are of one of the following types:

  • String
  • Version
  • Long
  • Double
  • List<String>
  • List<Version>
  • List<Long>
  • List<Double>
and are used as arbitrary matching attributes for the capability. The values associated with the specified directive and attribute keys are of type String, unless otherwise indicated.
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      public static final String SERVICE_NAMESPACE
      Namespace name for service capabilities and requirements.
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      public static final String CAPABILITY_OBJECTCLASS_ATTRIBUTE
      The capability attribute used to specify the types of the service. The value of this attribute must be of type List<String>.

      A ServiceNamespace capability should express a uses constraint for all the packages mentioned in the value of this attribute.

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