Class ComponentInstanceDTO


public class ComponentInstanceDTO extends DTO
A snapshot of the runtime state of a component.
  • Field Details

    • configurations

      public List<ConfigurationDTO> configurations
      The configuration dependencies of this component.

      Must not be null.

    • references

      public List<ReferenceDTO> references
      The service dependencies of the component.

      Can be empty when the component has no reference dependencies.

      The component instance is satisfied when the sum of ReferenceDTO.minimumCardinality equals the size of ReferenceDTO.matches for each value.

      Must not be null.

    • properties

      public Map<String,Object> properties
      The resolved configuration properties for the component.

      Contains the merger of all consumed configurations merged in the order of configurations.

      All configuration dependencies are satisfied when not null.

    • activations

      public List<ActivationDTO> activations
      The activations of the component.

      Must not be null.

  • Constructor Details

    • ComponentInstanceDTO

      public ComponentInstanceDTO()