Class ContainerDTO


public class ContainerDTO extends DTO
A snapshot of the runtime state of a CDI container
  • Field Details

    • template

      public ContainerTemplateDTO template
      The template of this Container DTO.

      Must not be null.

    • errors

      public List<String> errors
      The list of errors reported during attempted initialization of the container instance.
    • changeCount

      public long changeCount
      The change count of the container at the time this DTO was created

      Must not be 0.

    • bundle

      public BundleDTO bundle
      The bundle declaring the CDI container.

      Must not be 0.

    • extensions

      public List<ExtensionDTO> extensions
      The extension dependencies of this CDI container.

      Must not be null.

    • components

      public List<ComponentDTO> components
      The components defined by this CDI container.

      Must not be null. The list always contains at least one element representing the container component. See Container Component.

  • Constructor Details

    • ContainerDTO

      public ContainerDTO()