Class ActivationTemplateDTO


public class ActivationTemplateDTO extends DTO
Activations represent either immediate instances or service objects produced by component instances.

The content of this DTO is resolved form metadata at initialization time and remains the same between the CDI bundle restarts.

  • Field Details

    • scope

      public ServiceScope scope
      The ServiceScope of this activation

      Must not be null.

    • serviceClasses

      public List<String> serviceClasses
      Describes the set of fully qualified names of the interfaces/classes under which this activation will publish and OSGi service

      Must not be null. An empty array indicated this activation will not publish an OSGi service

    • properties

      public Map<String,Object> properties
      The default properties for activations which represent container component services. This will never be populated for single or factory components.

      These are merged (and possibly replaced) with runtime properties.

      Must not be null. May be empty if no default properties are provided.

  • Constructor Details

    • ActivationTemplateDTO

      public ActivationTemplateDTO()