Class EventProperties

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public class EventProperties extends Object implements Map<String,Object>
The properties for an Event. An event source can create an EventProperties object if it needs to reuse the same event properties for multiple events.

The keys are all of type String. The values are of type Object. The key "event.topics" is ignored as event topics can only be set when an Event is constructed.

Once constructed, an EventProperties object is unmodifiable. However, the values of the map used to construct an EventProperties object are still subject to modification as they are not deeply copied.

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    • EventProperties

      public EventProperties(Map<String,?> properties)
      Create an EventProperties from the specified properties.

      The specified properties will be copied into this EventProperties. Properties whose key is not of type String will be ignored. A property with the key "event.topics" will be ignored.

      properties - The properties to use for this EventProperties object (may be null).
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