Class ResourceMethodInfoDTO


public class ResourceMethodInfoDTO extends DTO
Represents information about a Jakarta RESTful Web Services resource method. All information is determined by reading the relevant annotations, from the Jakarta RESTful Web Services type and not interpreted further. Dynamic information, or information provided in other ways may not be represented in this DTO.
  • Field Details

    • method

      public String method
      The HTTP verb being handled, for example GET, DELETE, PUT, POST, HEAD, OPTIONS, null if no HttpMethod is defined
    • consumingMimeType

      public String[] consumingMimeType
      The mime-type(s) consumed by this resource method, null if Consumes is not defined
    • producingMimeType

      public String[] producingMimeType
      The mime-type(s) produced by this resource method, null if Produces is not defined
    • nameBindings

      public String[] nameBindings
      The NameBinding annotations that apply to this resource method, if any
    • path

      public String path
      The path of this resource method. Placeholder information present in the URI pattern will not be interpreted and simply returned as defined.
  • Constructor Details

    • ResourceMethodInfoDTO

      public ResourceMethodInfoDTO()