Class JNDIConstants


public class JNDIConstants extends Object
Constants for the JNDI implementation.
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      public static final String JNDI_URLSCHEME
      This service property is set by JNDI Providers that publish URL Context Factories as OSGi Services. The value of this property should be the URL scheme that is supported by the published service.
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      public static final String JNDI_SERVICENAME
      This service property is set on an OSGi service to provide a name that can be used to locate the service other than the service interface name.
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      public static final String BUNDLE_CONTEXT
      This JNDI environment property can be used by a JNDI client to indicate the caller's BundleContext. This property can be set and passed to an InitialContext constructor. This property is only useful in the "traditional" mode of JNDI.
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