Class HttpServiceRuntimeConstants


public final class HttpServiceRuntimeConstants extends Object
Defines standard names for Http Runtime Service constants.
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      public static final String HTTP_SERVICE_ENDPOINT
      Http Runtime Service service property specifying the endpoints upon which the Servlet Whiteboard implementation is listening.

      An endpoint value is a URL or a relative path, to which the Servlet Whiteboard implementation is listening. For example, or /myapp/. A relative path may be used if the scheme and authority parts of the URL are not known, e.g. in a bridged Servlet Whiteboard implementation. If the Servlet Whiteboard implementation is serving the root context and neither scheme nor authority is known, the value of the property is "/". Both, a URL and a relative path, must end with a slash.

      An Servlet Whiteboard implementation can be listening on multiple endpoints.

      The value of this service property must be of type String, String[], or Collection<String>.

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