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@ConsumerType public interface Preprocessor extends jakarta.servlet.Filter
Services registered as a Preprocessor using a whiteboard pattern are executed for every request before the dispatching is performed.

If there are several services of this type, they are run in ranking order, the one with the highest ranking is used first.

The preprocessor is handled in the same way as filters. When a preprocessor is put into service Filter.init(jakarta.servlet.FilterConfig) is called, when it is not used anymore Filter.destroy() is called. As these preprocessors are run before dispatching and therefore the targeted servlet context is not known yet, FilterConfig.getServletContext() returns the servlet context of the backing implementation. The same context is returned by the request object. The context path is the context path of this underlying servlet context. The passed in chain can be used to invoke the next preprocessor in the chain, or if the end of that chain is reached to start dispatching of the request. A preprocessor might decide to terminate the processing and directly generate a response.

Service properties with the prefix HttpWhiteboardConstants#HTTP_WHITEBOARD_PREPROCESSOR_INIT_PARAM_PREFIX are passed as init parameters to this service.

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