Class BasicEnvelope

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public class BasicEnvelope extends Object implements Envelope
BasicEnvelope is an implementation of the Envelope interface
  • Constructor Details

    • BasicEnvelope

      public BasicEnvelope(Object value, Object identification, String scope)
      value - Content of this envelope, may be null.
      identification - Identifying object for this Envelope object, must not be null
      scope - Scope name for this object, must not be null
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  • Method Details

    • getValue

      public Object getValue()
      Description copied from interface: Envelope
      Return the value associated with this Envelope object.
      Specified by:
      getValue in interface Envelope
      the value of the status item, or null when no item is associated with this object.
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    • getIdentification

      public Object getIdentification()
      Description copied from interface: Envelope
      Return the identification of this Envelope object. An identification may be of any Java type. The type must be mutually agreed between the Consumer and Producer services.
      Specified by:
      getIdentification in interface Envelope
      an object which identifies the status item in the address space of the composite producer, must not be null.
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    • getScope

      public String getScope()
      Description copied from interface: Envelope
      Return the scope name of this Envelope object. Scope names are used to restrict the communication between the Producer and Consumer services. Only Envelopes objects with a scope name that is permitted for the Producer and the Consumer services must be passed through a Wire object.
      Specified by:
      getScope in interface Envelope
      the security scope for the status item, must not be null.
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