Interface ZCLHeader

public interface ZCLHeader
This interface represents the ZCL Frame Header.
  • Method Details

    • getCommandId

      short getCommandId()
      Returns the command identifier of this frame.
      the command identifier of this frame.
    • getManufacturerCode

      int getManufacturerCode()
      Returns the manufacturer code of this frame.
      the manufacturer code if the ZCL Frame is manufacturer specific, otherwise returns -1.
    • isClusterSpecificCommand

      boolean isClusterSpecificCommand()
      Checks the frame Type Sub-field of the frame control field.
      true if the frame control field states that the command is cluster specific. Returns false otherwise.
    • isManufacturerSpecific

      boolean isManufacturerSpecific()
      Checks if the frame is manufacturer specific.
      true if the ZCL frame is manufacturer specific (that is, the Manufacturer Specific Sub-field of the ZCL Frame Control Field is 1.
    • isClientServerDirection

      boolean isClientServerDirection()
      Checks the client server direction of the frame.
      the isClientServerDirection value.
    • isDefaultResponseDisabled

      boolean isDefaultResponseDisabled()
      Checks if the default response is disabled.
      true if the ZCL Header Frame Control Field "Disable Default Response Sub-field" is 1. Returns false otherwise.
    • getSequenceNumber

      byte getSequenceNumber()
      Returns the transaction Sequence Number of this frame.
      the transaction sequence number of this frame.
    • getFrameControlField

      short getFrameControlField()
      Returns the Frame Control field of this frame.
      the frame control field of this frame.