The purpose of the Bundle-Category is to allow bundles to be listed in different categories. The value of this tag is free. However, this list contains an overview of recommended values. Notice that a Bundle-Category tag can contain many values separated by ,. Tag values are not case sensitive.


Value English Title Description
1-wire demo 1-wire bus demo Demonstration of Device Access
adoption Adoption Standard bundles adopted for OSGi
bus Busses Interfaces to busses like USB, CEBus …
clients Clients Interfaces to external clients
communication Communication Bundles that provide communication facilities
cryptography Cryptography Public key, certificates
database Database Persistence
device Device Implementations of the device specification
development Development Tools for development
distributed Distributed processing Distributed computing like CORBA, RMI, DCE
discovery Discovery protocols JINI, UPnP, SLP, Salutation
ecommerce E-commerce Electronic shopping
example Example/tutorial Material for courses and tutorials
framework Framework Directly related to the framework
games Games Entertainment related, including proxies for games
language Language Translations, locale
management Management Management of the box
messaging Messaging Mail, message queues
mobility Mobility Functions like positioning
network Networking Implementations of network protocols
nursery Nursery Example bundles for the standardization
osgi OSGi standardization Related to OSGi standardization effort
payment Payment Electronic payments
preferences Preferences Preferences
publishing Publishing Mechanisms and tools to publish information
reliability Reliability Fault management, performance management
robotic Robotic Robotic control
scripting Scripting Script languages like python, vb, javascript
security Security Authorization and authentication
testing Testing OSGi test cases
tutorial Tutorial Informational and educational
tools Tools Tools that help building bundles
users User management User repository, user preferences
utility Utilities Support bundles providing some utiltity
vehicle Vehicle Automobile related
wireless Wireless 802.11, Bluetooth
xmls XML, HTML, WML, … Parsing and processing of ?ML information