Bundle Headers Reference

This section contains a registry for reserved header names in the OSGi Specification.

Header Attributes and Directives Organization
Bundle-ActivationPolicy lazy: OSGi Alliance
Bundle-Activator   OSGi Alliance
Bundle-Category   OSGi Alliance
Bundle-Classpath   OSGi Alliance
Bundle-ContactAddress   OSGi Alliance
Bundle-Copyright   OSGi Alliance
Bundle-Description   OSGi Alliance
Bundle-DocURL   OSGi Alliance
Bundle-Icon size OSGi Alliance
Bundle-License description, link OSGi Alliance
Bundle-Localization   OSGi Alliance
Bundle-ManifestVersion   OSGi Alliance
Bundle-Name   OSGi Alliance
Bundle-NativeCode language, osname, osversion, processor, selection-filter OSGi Alliance
Bundle-RequiredExecutionEnvironment   OSGi Alliance
Bundle-SymbolicName singleton: OSGi Alliance
Bundle-UpdateLocation   OSGi Alliance
Bundle-Vendor   OSGi Alliance
Bundle-Version   OSGi Alliance
DynamicImport-Package bundle-version, version OSGi Alliance
Eclipse-BuddyPolicy   Eclipse Foundation
Eclipse-BundleShape   Eclipse Foundation
Eclipse-ExtensibleAPI   Eclipse Foundation
Eclipse-PlatformFilter   Eclipse Foundation
Eclipse-RegisterBuddy   Eclipse Foundation
Export-Package bundle-symbolic-name, bundle-version, exclude:, include:, specification-version, uses:, version OSGi Alliance
Export-Package x-internal:, x-friends: Eclipse Foundation
Export-Service   OSGi Alliance
Fragment-Host bundle-version, extension: OSGi Alliance
Import-Bundle import-scope:, version SpringSource
Import-Library import-scope:, version SpringSource
Import-Package bundle-symbolic-name, bundle-version, resolution:, specification-version, version OSGi Alliance
Import-Service   OSGi Alliance
Include-Resource extra, literal aQute
Module-Scope   SpringSource
Module-Type   SpringSource
Private-Package   aQute
Provide-Capability effective:1, uses: OSGi Alliance
Require-Bundle bundle-version, resolution:, visibility: OSGi Alliance
Require-Capability effective:1, filter:, resolve: OSGi Alliance
Web-ContextPath   SpringSource
Web-DispatcherServletUrlPatterns   SpringSource
Web-FilterMappings   SpringSource
  1. Reserved names for effective: directive is resolve 2