Bundle-NativeCode: OS/Processor values

This section contains the recommended values for the processor and operating system tags in the Bundle-NativeCode tag. The list also contains aliases. These aliases should not be used but were found to be returned by the VM. Values are case insensitive.

Processor Names

Processor Aliases Description
68k   Motorola 68000
AArch64 ARM64 64-bit extension of the ARM architecture
ARM   Intel Strong ARM (deprecated because the endianness is not specified)
ARM_be   Intel Strong ARM Big Endian
ARM_le   Intel Strong ARM Little Endian
Alpha   Compaq (ex DEC)
ia64n   Hewlet Packard in 32 bit mode
ia64w   Hewlet Packard in 64 bit mode
Ignite psc1k PTSC
Mips   SGI
PArisc   Hewlett Packard PA Risc
PowerPC power ppc Motorola/IBM Power PC
PowerPC-64 ppc64 IBM Power PC 64-bit Big Endian
PowerPC-64-LE ppc64le IBM Power PC 64-bit Little Endian
Sh4   Hitachi
Sparc   Sun 32 bit
Sparcv9   Sun 64 bit
S390   IBM Mainframe 31-bit
S390x   IBM Mainframe 64-bit
V850E   NEC V850E
x86 pentium i386 i486 i586 i686 Intel & AMD 32-bit
x86-64 amd64 em64t x86_64 New 64 bit x86 architecture

Operating System Names

OS Aliases Description
DigitalUnix   Compaq
embos   Segger Embedded Software Solutions
Epoc32 SymbianOS Symbian OS
FreeBSD   Free BSD
HPUX hp-ux Hewlett Packard
IRIX   Sillicon Graphics
Linux   Open source
MacOS “Mac OS” Apple
MacOSX “Mac OS X” Apple
NetBSD   Open source
Netware   Novell
OpenBSD   Open source
QNX procnto QNX
Solaris SunOS Sun Microsystems
VxWorks   WindRiver Systems
Windows95 “Windows 95” Win95 Win32 Microsoft
Windows98 “Windows 98” Win98 Win32 Microsoft
WindowsNT “Windows NT” WinNT “Windows NT (unknown)” Win32 Microsoft
WindowsCE “Windows CE” WinCE Microsoft
Windows2000 “Windows 2000” Win2000 Win32 Microsoft
WindowsXP “Windows XP” WinXP Win32 Microsoft
Windows2003 “Windows 2003” Win2003 Win32 “Windows Server 2003” Microsoft
WindowsVista “Windows Vista” WinVista Win32 Microsoft
Windows7 “Windows 7” Win7 Win32 Microsoft
Windows8 “Windows 8” “Windows 8.1” “Windows 8.2” “Windows 8.3” Win8 Win32 Microsoft
Windows10 “Windows 10” Win10 Win32 Microsoft
WindowsServer2008 “Windows Server 2008” “Windows 2008” Windows2008 Win2008 Win32 Microsoft
WindowsServer2008R2 “Windows Server 2008 R2” “Windows 2008 R2” Windows2008R2 Win2008R2 Win32 Microsoft
WindowsServer2012 “Windows Server 2012” “Windows 2012” Windows2012 Win2012 Win32 Microsoft
WindowsServer2012R2 “Windows Server 2012 R2” “Windows 2012 R2” Windows2012R2 Win2012R2 Win32 Microsoft
WindowsServer2015 “Windows Server 2015” “Windows 2015” Windows2015 Win2015 Win32 Microsoft
WindowsServer2015R2 “Windows Server 2015 R2” “Windows 2015 R2” Windows2015R2 Win2015R2 Win32 Microsoft
WindowsServer2016 “Windows Server 2016” “Windows 2016” Windows2016 Win2016 Win32 Microsoft
z/OS   IBM z/OS