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Packages that use Metadata
org.osgi.service.blueprint.reflect Blueprint Reflection Package Version 1.0. 

Uses of Metadata in org.osgi.service.blueprint.reflect

Subinterfaces of Metadata in org.osgi.service.blueprint.reflect
 interface BeanMetadata
          Metadata for a Bean component.
 interface CollectionMetadata
          Metadata for a collection based value.
 interface ComponentMetadata
          Metadata for managed components.
 interface IdRefMetadata
          Metadata for the verified id of another component managed by the Blueprint Container.
 interface MapMetadata
          Metadata for a Map based value.
 interface NonNullMetadata
          Metadata for a value that cannot null.
 interface NullMetadata
          Metadata for a value specified to be null via the <null> element.
 interface PropsMetadata
          Metadata for a java.util.Properties based value.
 interface ReferenceListMetadata
          Metadata for a list of service references.
 interface ReferenceMetadata
          Metadata for a reference that will bind to a single matching service in the service registry.
 interface RefMetadata
          Metadata for a reference to another component managed by the Blueprint Container.
 interface ServiceMetadata
          Metadata for a service to be registered by the Blueprint Container when enabled.
 interface ServiceReferenceMetadata
          Metadata for a reference to an OSGi service.
 interface Target
          A common interface for managed components that can be used as a direct target for method calls.
 interface ValueMetadata
          Metadata for a simple String value that will be type-converted if necessary before injecting.

Methods in org.osgi.service.blueprint.reflect that return Metadata
 Metadata MapEntry.getValue()
          Return the Metadata for the value of the map entry.
 Metadata BeanProperty.getValue()
          Return the Metadata for the value to be injected into a bean.
 Metadata BeanArgument.getValue()
          Return the Metadata for the argument value.

Methods in org.osgi.service.blueprint.reflect that return types with arguments of type Metadata
 java.util.List<Metadata> CollectionMetadata.getValues()
          Return Metadata for the values of the collection.

OSGi™ Compendium
Release 5

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