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Package org.osgi.service.monitor

Monitor Admin Package Version 1.0.


Interface Summary
Monitorable A Monitorable can provide information about itself in the form of StatusVariables.
MonitorAdmin The MonitorAdmin service is a singleton service that handles StatusVariable query requests and measurement job control requests.
MonitoringJob A Monitoring Job is a request for scheduled or event based notifications on update of a set of StatusVariables.
MonitorListener The MonitorListener is used by Monitorable services to send notifications when a StatusVariable value is changed.

Class Summary
MonitorPermission Indicates the callers authority to publish, read or reset StatusVariables, to switch event sending on or off or to start monitoring jobs.
StatusVariable A StatusVariable object represents the value of a status variable taken with a certain collection method at a certain point of time.

Package org.osgi.service.monitor Description

Monitor Admin Package Version 1.0.

Bundles wishing to use this package must list the package in the Import-Package header of the bundle's manifest. This package has two types of users: the consumers that use the API in this package and the providers that implement the API in this package.

Example import for consumers using the API in this package:

Import-Package: org.osgi.service.monitor; version="[1.0,2.0)"

Example import for providers implementing the API in this package:

Import-Package: org.osgi.service.monitor; version="[1.0,1.1)"

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Release 5

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