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Packages that use BackingStoreException
org.osgi.service.prefs Preferences Service Package Version 1.1. 

Uses of BackingStoreException in org.osgi.service.prefs

Methods in org.osgi.service.prefs that throw BackingStoreException
 java.lang.String[] Preferences.childrenNames()
          Returns the names of the children of this node.
 void Preferences.clear()
          Removes all of the properties (key-value associations) in this node.
 void Preferences.flush()
          Forces any changes in the contents of this node and its descendants to the persistent store.
 java.lang.String[] Preferences.keys()
          Returns all of the keys that have an associated value in this node.
 boolean Preferences.nodeExists(java.lang.String pathName)
          Returns true if the named node exists.
 void Preferences.removeNode()
          Removes this node and all of its descendants, invalidating any properties contained in the removed nodes.
 void Preferences.sync()
          Ensures that future reads from this node and its descendants reflect any changes that were committed to the persistent store (from any VM) prior to the sync invocation.

OSGi™ Compendium
Release 5

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