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Packages that use Unit
org.osgi.util.measurement Measurement Package Version 1.0. 

Uses of Unit in org.osgi.util.measurement

Fields in org.osgi.util.measurement declared as Unit
static Unit Unit.A
          The electric current unit ampere (A)
static Unit Unit.C
          The electric charge unit coulomb (C).
static Unit Unit.cd
          The luminous intensity unit candela (cd)
static Unit Unit.F
          The capacitance unit farad (F).
static Unit Unit.Gy
          The absorbed dose unit gray (Gy).
static Unit Unit.Hz
          The frequency unit hertz (Hz).
static Unit Unit.J
          The energy unit joule (J).
static Unit Unit.K
          The temperature unit kelvin (K)
static Unit Unit.kat
          The catalytic activity unit katal (kat).
static Unit Unit.kg
          The mass unit kilogram (kg)
static Unit Unit.lx
          The illuminance unit lux (lx).
static Unit Unit.m
          The length unit meter (m)
static Unit Unit.m_s
          The speed unit meter per second (m/s)
static Unit Unit.m_s2
          The acceleration unit meter per second squared (m/s2)
static Unit Unit.m2
          The area unit square meter (m2)
static Unit Unit.m3
          The volume unit cubic meter (m3)
static Unit Unit.mol
          The amount of substance unit mole (mol)
static Unit Unit.N
          The force unit newton (N).
static Unit Unit.Ohm
          The electric resistance unit ohm.
static Unit Unit.Pa
          The pressure unit pascal (Pa).
static Unit Unit.rad
          The angle unit radians (rad)
static Unit Unit.s
          The time unit second (s)
static Unit Unit.S
          The electric conductance unit siemens (S).
static Unit Unit.T
          The magnetic flux density unit tesla (T).
static Unit Unit.unity
          No Unit (Unity)
static Unit Unit.V
          The electric potential difference unit volt (V).
static Unit Unit.W
          The power unit watt (W).
static Unit Unit.Wb
          The magnetic flux unit weber (Wb).

Methods in org.osgi.util.measurement that return Unit
 Unit Measurement.getUnit()
          Returns the Unit object of this Measurement object.

Methods in org.osgi.util.measurement with parameters of type Unit
 Measurement Measurement.add(double d, Unit u)
          Returns a new Measurement object that is the sum of this object added to the specified value.
 Measurement Measurement.div(double d, Unit u)
          Returns a new Measurement object that is the quotient of this object divided by the specified value.
 Measurement Measurement.mul(double d, Unit u)
          Returns a new Measurement object that is the product of this object multiplied by the specified value.
 Measurement Measurement.sub(double d, Unit u)
          Returns a new Measurement object that is the subtraction of the specified value from this object.

Constructors in org.osgi.util.measurement with parameters of type Unit
Measurement(double value, double error, Unit unit)
          Create a new Measurement object with a time of zero.
Measurement(double value, double error, Unit unit, long time)
          Create a new Measurement object.
Measurement(double value, Unit unit)
          Create a new Measurement object with an error of 0.0 and a time of zero.

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Release 5

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