Interface EnOceanMessageDescriptionSet

public interface EnOceanMessageDescriptionSet
This interface represents an EnOcean Message Description Set. EnOceanMessageDescriptionSet is registered as an OSGi Service. Provides method to retrieve the EnOceanMessageDescription objects it documents.
  • Method Details

    • getMessageDescription

      EnOceanMessageDescription getMessageDescription(int rorg, int func, int type, int extra)
      Retrieves a EnOceanMessageDescription object according to its identifiers. See EnOcean Equipment Profile Specification for more details.
      rorg - the radio telegram type of the message.
      func - The func subtype of this message.
      type - The type subselector.
      extra - Some extra information; some EnOceanMessageDescription objects need an additional specifier. If not needed, has to be set to -1.
      The EnOceanMessageDescription object looked for, or null.
      IllegalArgumentException - if there was an error related to the input arguments.