Interface LogStreamProvider

@ProviderType public interface LogStreamProvider
LogStreamProvider service for creating a PushStream of LogEntry objects.
  • Method Details

    • createStream

      PushStream<LogEntry> createStream(LogStreamProvider.Options... options)
      Create a PushStream of LogEntry objects.

      The returned PushStream must:

      • Be buffered with a buffer large enough to contain the history, if included.
      • Have the QueuePolicyOption.DISCARD_OLDEST queue policy option.
      • Use a shared executor.
      • Have a parallelism of one.

      When this LogStreamProvider service is released by the obtaining bundle, this LogStreamProvider service must call PushStream.close() on the returned PushStream object if it has not already been closed.

      options - The options to use when creating the PushStream.
      A PushStream of LogEntry objects.