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public interface SocketMonitor extends ResourceMonitor<Long>
A ResourceMonitor for the ResourceMonitoringService.RES_TYPE_SOCKET resource type. SocketMonitor instance are used to monitor and limit the number of in-use sockets per ResourceContext instance. SocketMonitor instance handle all types of sockets (TCP, UDP, ...).

A TCP socket is considered to be in-use when it is bound ( Socket.bind( or when it is connected ( Socket.connect( It leaves the in-use state when the socket is closed (Socket.close()). *

A UDP socket is in-use when it is bound ( DatagramSocket.bind( or connected ( DatagramSocket.connect( A UDP Socket leaves the in-use state when it is closed (DatagramSocket.close()).

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    • getSocketUsage

      long getSocketUsage()
      Returns the number of existing socket created by a ResourceContext.

      The ResourceMonitor.getUsage() method returns the same value, wrapped in a long.

      the number of existing socket.