Class PreprocessorDTO

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public class PreprocessorDTO extends DTO
Represents a preprocessor org.osgi.service.servlet.whiteboard.Preprocessor service currently being used during request processing.
  • Field Details

    • initParams

      public Map<String,String> initParams
      The preprocessor initialization parameters as provided during registration of the preprocessor. Additional parameters like the Http Service Runtime attributes are not included. If the preprocessor has not initialization parameters, this map is empty.
    • serviceId

      public long serviceId
      Service property identifying the preprocessor. In the case of a preprocessor registered in the service registry and picked up by a Servlet Whiteboard Implementation, this value is not negative and corresponds to the service id in the registry. If the preprocessor has not been registered in the service registry, the value is negative and a unique negative value is generated by the Http Service Runtime in this case.
  • Constructor Details

    • PreprocessorDTO

      public PreprocessorDTO()