Interface UntypedEventHandler

@ConsumerType public interface UntypedEventHandler
Listener for Untyped Events.

UntypedEventHandler objects are registered with the Framework service registry and are notified with an event object when an event is sent.

UntypedEventHandler objects must be registered with a service property TypedEventConstants.TYPED_EVENT_TOPICS whose value is the list of topics in which the event handler is interested.

For example:

 String[] topics = new String[] {
 Hashtable ht = new Hashtable();
 ht.put(EventConstants.TYPE_SAFE_EVENT_TOPICS, topics);
 context.registerService(UntypedEventHandler.class, this, ht);
  • Method Details

    • notifyUntyped

      void notifyUntyped(String topic, Map<String,Object> event)
      Called by the TypedEventBus service to notify the listener of an event.
      topic - The topic to which the event was sent
      event - The event that occurred.