Class APSException

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public class APSException extends ZigBeeException
This exception class is specialized for the APS errors. See "Table 2.26 APS Sub-layer Status Values" of the ZigBee specification 1_053474r17ZB_TSC-ZigBee-Specification.pdf.
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      public static final int SUCCESS
      A request has been executed successfully.
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      public static final int ASDU_TOO_LONG
      A transmit request failed since the ASDU is too large and fragmentation is not supported.
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      public static final int DEFRAG_DEFERRED
      A received fragmented frame could not be defragmented at the current time.
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      public static final int DEFRAG_UNSUPPORTED
      A received fragmented frame could not be defragmented since the device does not support fragmentation.
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      public static final int ILLEGAL_REQUEST
      A parameter value was out of range.
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      public static final int INVALID_BINDING
      An APSME-UNBIND.request failed due to the requested binding link not existing in the binding table.
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      public static final int INVALID_GROUP
      An APSME-REMOVE-GROUP.request has been issued with a group identifier that does not appear in the group table.
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      public static final int INVALID_PARAMETER
      A parameter value was invalid or out of range.
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    • NO_ACK

      public static final int NO_ACK
      An APSDE-DATA.request requesting acknowledged transmission failed due to no acknowledgment being received.
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      public static final int NO_BOUND_DEVICE
      An APSDE-DATA.request with a destination addressing mode set to 0x00 failed due to there being no devices bound to this device.
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      public static final int NO_SHORT_ADDRESS
      An APSDE-DATA.request with a destination addressing mode set to 0x03 failed due to no corresponding short address found in the address map table.
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      public static final int NOT_SUPPORTED
      An APSDE-DATA.request with a destination addressing mode set to 0x00 failed due to a binding table not being supported on the device.
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      public static final int SECURED_NWK_KEY
      An ASDU was received that was secured using a network key.
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      public static final int SECURITY_FAIL
      An APSDE-DATA.request requesting security has resulted in an error during the corresponding security processing.
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      public static final int TABLE_FULL
      An APSME-BIND.request or APSME.ADDGROUP. request issued when the binding or group tables, respectively, were full.
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      public static final int UNSECURED
      An ASDU was received without any security.
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      public static final int UNSUPPORTED_ATTRIBUTE
      An APSME-GET.request or APSMESET. request has been issued with an unknown attribute identifier.
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