OSGi™ Service Platform
Release 2

Package org.osgi.service.cm

The OSGi Configuration Admin service Package.


Interface Summary
Configuration The configuration information for a ManagedService or ManagedServiceFactory object.
ConfigurationAdmin Service for administering configuration data.
ConfigurationPlugin A service interface for processing configuration dictionary before the update.
ManagedService A service that can receive configuration data from a Configuration Admin service.
ManagedServiceFactory Manage multiple service instances.

Exception Summary
ConfigurationException An Exception class to inform the Configuration Admin service of problems with configuration data.

Package org.osgi.service.cm Description

The OSGi Configuration Admin service Package. Specification Version 1.0.

Bundles wishing to use this package must list the package in the Import-Package header of the bundle's manifest. For example:

Import-Package: org.osgi.service.cm; specification-version=1.0

OSGi™ Service Platform
Release 2

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