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Class BundleSignerCondition

  extended byorg.osgi.service.condpermadmin.BundleSignerCondition

public class BundleSignerCondition
extends java.lang.Object

Condition to test if the signer of a bundle matches a pattern. Since the bundle's signer can only change when the bundle is updated, this condition is immutable.

The condition expressed using a single String that specifies a Distinguished Name (DN) chain to match bundle signers against. DN's are encoded using IETF RFC 2253. Usually signers use certificates that are issued by certificate authorities, which also have a corresponding DN and certificate. The certificate authorities can form a chain of trust where the last DN and certificate is known by the framework. The signer of a bundle is expressed as signers DN followed by the DN of its issuer followed by the DN of the next issuer until the DN of the root certificate authority. Each DN is separated by a semicolon.

A bundle can satisfy this condition if one of its signers has a DN chain that matches the DN chain used to construct this condition. Wildcards (`*') can be used to allow greater flexibility in specifying the DN chains. Wildcards can be used in place of DNs, RDNs, or the value in an RDN. If a wildcard is used for a value of an RDN, the value must be exactly "*" and will match any value for the corresponding type in that RDN. If a wildcard is used for a RDN, it must be the first RDN and will match any number of RDNs (including zero RDNs).

Method Summary
static Condition getCondition(Bundle bundle, ConditionInfo info)
          Constructs a Condition that tries to match the passed Bundle's location to the location pattern.
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Method Detail


public static Condition getCondition(Bundle bundle,
                                     ConditionInfo info)
Constructs a Condition that tries to match the passed Bundle's location to the location pattern.

bundle - The Bundle being evaluated.
info - The ConditionInfo to construct the condition for. The args of the ConditionInfo specify a single String specifying the chain of distinguished names pattern to match against the signer of the Bundle.
A Condition which checks the signers of the specified bundle.

OSGi™ Service Platform
Release 4

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