OSGi™ Service Platform
Release 4

Package org.osgi.service.deploymentadmin.spi

Deployment Admin SPI Package Version 1.0.


Interface Summary
DeploymentSession The session interface represents a currently running deployment session (install/update/uninstall).
ResourceProcessor ResourceProcessor interface is implemented by processors handling resource files in deployment packages.

Class Summary
DeploymentCustomizerPermission The DeploymentCustomizerPermission permission gives the right to Resource Processors to access a bundle's (residing in a Deployment Package) private area.

Exception Summary
ResourceProcessorException Checked exception received when something fails during a call to a Resource Processor.

Package org.osgi.service.deploymentadmin.spi Description

Deployment Admin SPI Package Version 1.0. The SPI is used by Resource Processors.

Bundles wishing to use this package must list the package in the Import-Package header of the bundle's manifest. For example:

Import-Package: org.osgi.service.deploymentadmin.spi; version=1.0

OSGi™ Service Platform
Release 4

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