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Interface MetaTypeService

public interface MetaTypeService

The MetaType Service can be used to obtain meta type information for a bundle. The MetaType Service will examine the specified bundle for meta type documents to create the returned MetaTypeInformation object.

If the specified bundle does not contain any meta type documents, then a MetaTypeInformation object will be returned that wrappers any ManagedService or ManagedServiceFactory services registered by the specified bundle that implement MetaTypeProvider. Thus the MetaType Service can be used to retrieve meta type information for bundles which contain a meta type documents or which provide their own MetaTypeProvider objects.


Field Summary
          Location of meta type documents.
Method Summary
 MetaTypeInformation getMetaTypeInformation(Bundle bundle)
          Return the MetaType information for the specified bundle.

Field Detail


public static final java.lang.String METATYPE_DOCUMENTS_LOCATION
Location of meta type documents. The MetaType Service will process each entry in the meta type documents directory.

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Method Detail


public MetaTypeInformation getMetaTypeInformation(Bundle bundle)
Return the MetaType information for the specified bundle.

bundle - The bundle for which meta type information is requested.
A MetaTypeInformation object for the specified bundle.

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Release 4

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