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Interface UPnPEventListener

public interface UPnPEventListener

UPnP Events are mapped and delivered to applications according to the OSGi whiteboard model. An application that wishes to be notified of events generated by a particular UPnP Device registers a service extending this interface.

The notification call from the UPnP Service to any UPnPEventListener object must be done asynchronous with respect to the originator (in a separate thread).

Upon registration of the UPnP Event Listener service with the Framework, the service is notified for each variable which it listens for with an initial event containing the current value of the variable. Subsequent notifications only happen on changes of the value of the variable.

A UPnP Event Listener service filter the events it receives. This event set is limited using a standard framework filter expression which is specified when the listener service is registered.

The filter is specified in a property named "upnp.filter" and has as a value an object of type org.osgi.framework.Filter.

When the Filter is evaluated, the folowing keywords are recognized as defined as literal constants in the UPnPDevice class.

The valid subset of properties for the registration of UPnP Event Listener services are:

Field Summary
static java.lang.String UPNP_FILTER
          Key for a service property having a value that is an object of type org.osgi.framework.Filter and that is used to limit received events.
Method Summary
 void notifyUPnPEvent(java.lang.String deviceId, java.lang.String serviceId, java.util.Dictionary events)
          Callback method that is invoked for received events.

Field Detail


public static final java.lang.String UPNP_FILTER
Key for a service property having a value that is an object of type org.osgi.framework.Filter and that is used to limit received events.

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Method Detail


public void notifyUPnPEvent(java.lang.String deviceId,
                            java.lang.String serviceId,
                            java.util.Dictionary events)
Callback method that is invoked for received events. The events are collected in a Dictionary object. Each entry has a String key representing the event name (= state variable name) and the new value of the state variable. The class of the value object must match the class specified by the UPnP State Variable associated with the event. This method must be called asynchronously

deviceId - ID of the device sending the events
serviceId - ID of the service sending the events
events - Dictionary object containing the new values for the state variables that have changed.

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