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Release 4

Class IMSICondition

  extended byorg.osgi.util.gsm.IMSICondition

public class IMSICondition
extends java.lang.Object

Class representing an IMSI condition. Instances of this class contain a string value that is matched against the IMSI of the subscriber.

Method Summary
static Condition getCondition(Bundle bundle, ConditionInfo conditionInfo)
          Creates an IMSI condition object.
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Method Detail


public static Condition getCondition(Bundle bundle,
                                     ConditionInfo conditionInfo)
Creates an IMSI condition object.

bundle - ignored, as the IMSI number is the same for all bundles.
conditionInfo - contains the IMSI value to match the device's IMSI against. Its ConditionInfo.getArgs() method should return a String array with one value, the IMSI string. The IMSI is 15 digits without hypens. Limited pattern matching is allowed, then the string is 0 to 14 digits, followed by an asterisk(*).
An IMSICondition object, that can tell whether its IMSI number matches that of the device. If the number contains an asterisk(*), then the beginning of the IMSI is compared to the pattern.
java.lang.NullPointerException - if one of the parameters is null.
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException - if the IMSI is not a string of 15 digits, or 0 to 14 digits with an * at the end.

OSGi™ Service Platform
Release 4

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