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Package info.dmtree

Device Management Tree Package Version 1.0.


Interface Summary
DmtAdmin An interface providing methods to open sessions and register listeners.
DmtEvent Event class storing the details of a change in the tree.
DmtEventListener Registered implementations of this class are notified via DmtEvent objects about important changes in the tree.
DmtSession DmtSession provides concurrent access to the DMT.
MetaNode The MetaNode contains meta data as standardized by OMA DM but extends it (without breaking the compatibility) to provide for better DMT data quality in an environment where many software components manipulate this data.

Class Summary
Acl Acl is an immutable class representing structured access to DMT ACLs.
DmtData An immutable data structure representing the contents of a leaf or interior node.
Uri This class contains static utility methods to manipulate DMT URIs.

Exception Summary
DmtException Checked exception received when a DMT operation fails.
DmtIllegalStateException Unchecked illegal state exception.

Package info.dmtree Description

Device Management Tree Package Version 1.0. This package contains the public API for the Device Management Tree manipulations. Permission classes are provided by the info.dmtree.security package, and DMT plugin interfaces can be found in the info.dmtree.spi package. Asynchronous notifications to remote management servers can be sent using the interfaces in the info.dmtree.notification package.

Bundles wishing to use this package must list the package in the Import-Package header of the bundle's manifest. For example:

Import-Package: info.dmtree;version=1.0

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Release 4 Version 4.1

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