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Interface SynchronousBundleListener

All Superinterfaces:
BundleListener, java.util.EventListener

public interface SynchronousBundleListener
extends BundleListener

A synchronous BundleEvent listener. SynchronousBundleListener is a listener interface that may be implemented by a bundle developer. When a BundleEvent is fired, it is synchronously delivered to a SynchronousBundleListener. The Framework may deliver BundleEvent objects to a SynchronousBundleListener out of order and may concurrently call and/or reenter a SynchronousBundleListener.

A SynchronousBundleListener object is registered with the Framework using the BundleContext.addBundleListener(org.osgi.framework.BundleListener) method. SynchronousBundleListener objects are called with a BundleEvent object when a bundle has been installed, resolved, starting, started, stopping, stopped, updated, unresolved, or uninstalled.

Unlike normal BundleListener objects, SynchronousBundleListeners are synchronously called during bundle lifecycle processing. The bundle lifecycle processing will not proceed until all SynchronousBundleListeners have completed. SynchronousBundleListener objects will be called prior to BundleListener objects.

AdminPermission[bundle,LISTENER] is required to add or remove a SynchronousBundleListener object.

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Release 4 Version 4.1

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