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Release 5

Interface ComponentFactory

public interface ComponentFactory

When a component is declared with the factory attribute on its component element, the Service Component Runtime will register a Component Factory service to allow new component configurations to be created and activated rather than automatically creating and activating component configuration as necessary.

Consumers of this API must not implement this interface

Method Summary
 ComponentInstance newInstance(java.util.Dictionary<java.lang.String,?> properties)
          Create and activate a new component configuration.

Method Detail


ComponentInstance newInstance(java.util.Dictionary<java.lang.String,?> properties)
Create and activate a new component configuration. Additional properties may be provided for the component configuration.

properties - Additional properties for the component configuration or null if there are no additional properties.
A ComponentInstance object encapsulating the component instance of the component configuration. The component configuration has been activated and, if the component specifies a service element, the component instance has been registered as a service.
ComponentException - If the Service Component Runtime is unable to activate the component configuration.

OSGi™ Enterprise
Release 5

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