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Packages that use MonitoringJob
org.osgi.service.monitor Monitor Admin Package Version 1.0. 

Uses of MonitoringJob in org.osgi.service.monitor

Methods in org.osgi.service.monitor that return MonitoringJob
 MonitoringJob[] MonitorAdmin.getRunningJobs()
          Returns the list of currently running MonitoringJobs.
 MonitoringJob MonitorAdmin.startJob(java.lang.String initiator, java.lang.String[] statusVariables, int count)
          Starts a change based MonitoringJob with the parameters provided.
 MonitoringJob MonitorAdmin.startScheduledJob(java.lang.String initiator, java.lang.String[] statusVariables, int schedule, int count)
          Starts a time based MonitoringJob with the parameters provided.

OSGi™ Compendium
Release 5

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