Class ZDPException

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public class ZDPException extends ZigBeeException
This class represents root exception for all the code related to ZDP.

See Table 2.137 ZDP Enumerations Description in ZIGBEE SPECIFICATION: 1_053474r17ZB_TSC-ZigBee-Specification.pdf.

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      public static final int SUCCESS
      The requested operation or transmission was completed successfully.
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      public static final int INV_REQUESTTYPE
      The supplied request type was invalid.
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      public static final int DEVICE_NOT_FOUND
      The requested device did not exist on a device following a child descriptor request to a parent.
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      public static final int INVALID_EP
      The supplied endpoint was equal to 0x00 or between 0xf1 and 0xff.
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      public static final int NOT_ACTIVE
      The requested endpoint is not described by a simple descriptor.
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      public static final int NOT_SUPPORTED
      The requested optional feature is not supported on the target device.
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      public static final int TIMEOUT
      A timeout has occurred with the requested operation.
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    • NO_MATCH

      public static final int NO_MATCH
      The end device bind request was unsuccessful due to a failure to match any suitable clusters.
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    • NO_ENTRY

      public static final int NO_ENTRY
      The unbind request was unsuccessful due to the coordinator or source device not having an entry in its binding table to unbind.
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      public static final int NO_DESCRIPTOR
      A child descriptor was not available following a discovery request to a parent.
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      public static final int INSUFFICIENT_SPACE
      The device does not have storage space to support the requested operation.
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      public static final int NOT_PERMITTED
      The device is not in the proper state to support the requested operation.
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      public static final int TABLE_FULL
      The device does not have table space to support the operation.
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      public static final int NOT_AUTHORIZED
      The permissions configuration table on the target indicates that the request is not authorized from this device.
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