Interface ZCLDataTypeDescription

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ZigBeeArray, ZigBeeAttributeID, ZigBeeBACnet, ZigBeeBag, ZigBeeBitmap16, ZigBeeBitmap24, ZigBeeBitmap32, ZigBeeBitmap40, ZigBeeBitmap48, ZigBeeBitmap56, ZigBeeBitmap64, ZigBeeBitmap8, ZigBeeBoolean, ZigBeeCharacterString, ZigBeeClusterID, ZigBeeDate, ZigBeeEnumeration16, ZigBeeEnumeration8, ZigBeeFloatingDouble, ZigBeeFloatingSemi, ZigBeeFloatingSingle, ZigBeeGeneralData16, ZigBeeGeneralData24, ZigBeeGeneralData32, ZigBeeGeneralData40, ZigBeeGeneralData48, ZigBeeGeneralData56, ZigBeeGeneralData64, ZigBeeGeneralData8, ZigBeeIEEE_ADDRESS, ZigBeeLongCharacterString, ZigBeeLongOctetString, ZigBeeOctetString, ZigBeeSecurityKey128, ZigBeeSet, ZigBeeSignedInteger16, ZigBeeSignedInteger24, ZigBeeSignedInteger32, ZigBeeSignedInteger40, ZigBeeSignedInteger48, ZigBeeSignedInteger56, ZigBeeSignedInteger64, ZigBeeSignedInteger8, ZigBeeStructure, ZigBeeTimeOfDay, ZigBeeUnsignedInteger16, ZigBeeUnsignedInteger24, ZigBeeUnsignedInteger32, ZigBeeUnsignedInteger40, ZigBeeUnsignedInteger48, ZigBeeUnsignedInteger56, ZigBeeUnsignedInteger64, ZigBeeUnsignedInteger8, ZigBeeUTCTime

public interface ZCLDataTypeDescription
This interface is used for representing any of the ZigBee Data Types defined in the ZCL. Each of these data types has a set of associated information that this interface definition permits to retrieve using the specific methods.
  • The data type identifier
  • The data type name
  • The data type is analog or digital
  • The Java class used to represent the data type.
"Consumers of this API must not implement this interface"
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    Returns the data type identifier.
    Returns the corresponding Java type class.
    Returns the associated data type name.
    Checks if the data type is analog.
  • Method Details

    • getId

      short getId()
      Returns the data type identifier.
      the data type identifier. The data types identifiers supported by this specification are defined in the ZigBeeDataTypes interface.
    • getName

      String getName()
      Returns the associated data type name.
      the associated data type name string.
    • isAnalog

      boolean isAnalog()
      Checks if the data type is analog.
      true, if the data type is Analog, otherwise is Discrete.
    • getJavaDataType

      Class<?> getJavaDataType()
      Returns the corresponding Java type class.
      the corresponding Java type class.