Interface ZCLSimpleTypeDescription

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ZigBeeAttributeID, ZigBeeBACnet, ZigBeeBitmap16, ZigBeeBitmap24, ZigBeeBitmap32, ZigBeeBitmap40, ZigBeeBitmap48, ZigBeeBitmap56, ZigBeeBitmap64, ZigBeeBitmap8, ZigBeeBoolean, ZigBeeCharacterString, ZigBeeClusterID, ZigBeeDate, ZigBeeEnumeration16, ZigBeeEnumeration8, ZigBeeFloatingDouble, ZigBeeFloatingSemi, ZigBeeFloatingSingle, ZigBeeGeneralData16, ZigBeeGeneralData24, ZigBeeGeneralData32, ZigBeeGeneralData40, ZigBeeGeneralData48, ZigBeeGeneralData56, ZigBeeGeneralData64, ZigBeeGeneralData8, ZigBeeIEEE_ADDRESS, ZigBeeLongCharacterString, ZigBeeLongOctetString, ZigBeeOctetString, ZigBeeSecurityKey128, ZigBeeSignedInteger16, ZigBeeSignedInteger24, ZigBeeSignedInteger32, ZigBeeSignedInteger40, ZigBeeSignedInteger48, ZigBeeSignedInteger56, ZigBeeSignedInteger64, ZigBeeSignedInteger8, ZigBeeTimeOfDay, ZigBeeUnsignedInteger16, ZigBeeUnsignedInteger24, ZigBeeUnsignedInteger32, ZigBeeUnsignedInteger40, ZigBeeUnsignedInteger48, ZigBeeUnsignedInteger56, ZigBeeUnsignedInteger64, ZigBeeUnsignedInteger8, ZigBeeUTCTime

public interface ZCLSimpleTypeDescription extends ZCLDataTypeDescription
This interface is used for representing any of the simple ZigBee Data Types defined in the ZCL.

The interface extends the ZCLDataTypeDescription by providing serialize and deserialize methods to marshal and unmarshal the data into the ZigBeeDataInput and from ZigBeeDataOutput streams.

Related documentation: [1] ZigBee Cluster Library specification, Document 075123r04ZB, May 29, 2012.

"Consumers of this API must not implement this interface"
  • Method Details

    • serialize

      void serialize(ZigBeeDataOutput os, Object value) throws IOException
      Serializes a ZigBee data type into a ZigBeeDataOutput stream. An implementation of this method must throw an IllegalArgumentException if the passed value does not belong to the expected class or its value exceeds the possible values allowed (in terms of range or length).

      An implementation of this method must interpret (where it makes sense) a null value as the request to serialize the so called Invalid Value.

      os - a ZigBeeDataOutput stream where to the passed value will be appended. This parameter cannot be null. If null a NullPointerException must be thrown.
      value - The value that have to be serialized on the output stream. If null is passed this method outputs on the stream the ZigBee invalid value related the specific data type. If the data type do not allow any invalid value and the passed value is null an IllegalArgumentException is thrown.
      IOException - If an I/O error occurs while writing on the ZigBeeDataOutput. The EOFException may be thrown if there is no more space on the data output for serializing the passed value.
      NullPointerException - If ZigBeeDataOutput parameter is null.
      IllegalArgumentException - If the passed value parameter does not belong to the expected class or its value exceeds the possible values allowed (range or length).
    • deserialize

      Object deserialize(ZigBeeDataInput is) throws IOException
      Deserializes a value from the passed ZigBeeDataInput stream.
      is - the ZigBeeDataInput from where the value of data type is read from.
      An object that represents the deserialized value of data. Returns null if the read value represents the Invalid Value for the specific ZigBee data type.
      NullPointerException - If ZigBeeDataInput parameter is null.
      IOException - If an I/O error occurs while reading the ZigBeeDataInput. An EOFException is thrown if the data input stream end is reached while deserializing the data type.