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Packages that use BundleException
org.osgi.framework Framework Package Version 1.7. 
org.osgi.framework.launch Framework Launch Package Version 1.1. 

Uses of BundleException in org.osgi.framework

Methods in org.osgi.framework that throw BundleException
 Bundle BundleContext.installBundle(java.lang.String location)
          Installs a bundle from the specified location identifier.
 Bundle BundleContext.installBundle(java.lang.String location, java.io.InputStream input)
          Installs a bundle from the specified InputStream object.
 void Bundle.start()
          Starts this bundle with no options.
 void Bundle.start(int options)
          Starts this bundle.
 void Bundle.stop()
          Stops this bundle with no options.
 void Bundle.stop(int options)
          Stops this bundle.
 void Bundle.uninstall()
          Uninstalls this bundle.
 void Bundle.update()
          Updates this bundle.
 void Bundle.update(java.io.InputStream input)
          Updates this bundle from an InputStream.

Uses of BundleException in org.osgi.framework.launch

Methods in org.osgi.framework.launch that throw BundleException
 void Framework.init()
          Initialize this Framework.
 void Framework.start()
          Start this Framework.
 void Framework.start(int options)
          Start this Framework.
 void Framework.stop()
          Stop this Framework.
 void Framework.stop(int options)
          Stop this Framework.
 void Framework.uninstall()
          The Framework cannot be uninstalled.
 void Framework.update()
          Stop and restart this Framework.
 void Framework.update(java.io.InputStream in)
          Stop and restart this Framework.

OSGi™ Core
Release 5

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