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Packages that use HttpContext
org.osgi.service.http Http Service Package Version 1.2. 

Uses of HttpContext in org.osgi.service.http

Methods in org.osgi.service.http that return HttpContext
 HttpContext HttpService.createDefaultHttpContext()
          Creates a default HttpContext for registering servlets or resources with the HttpService, a new HttpContext object is created each time this method is called.

Methods in org.osgi.service.http with parameters of type HttpContext
 void HttpService.registerResources(java.lang.String alias, java.lang.String name, HttpContext context)
          Registers resources into the URI namespace.
 void HttpService.registerServlet(java.lang.String alias, javax.servlet.Servlet servlet, java.util.Dictionary initparams, HttpContext context)
          Registers a servlet into the URI namespace.

OSGi™ Enterprise
Release 5

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