Class ComponentTemplateDTO


public class ComponentTemplateDTO extends DTO
A static description of a CDI component.

At runtime it is spit between a ComponentInstanceDTO which handles the resolution of the configurations, references and the creation of ComponentInstanceDTO instances and one or more ComponentInstanceDTO instances, which handle the resolution of references and the creation of activations.

  • Field Details

    • name

      public String name
      A name unique within the container.

      Must not be null.

    • type

      public ComponentType type
      The type of the component.

      Must not be null.

    • configurations

      public List<ConfigurationTemplateDTO> configurations
      The configuration dependencies of this component.

      There is always at least one default singleton configuration.

      May contain at most one factory configuration.

      Must not be null.

    • references

      public List<ReferenceTemplateDTO> references
      The service dependencies of the component.

      The list will be empty if there are no service dependencies.

      Must not be null.

    • activations

      public List<ActivationTemplateDTO> activations
      The activations associated with the component.

      Must not be null.

    • beans

      public List<String> beans
      The set of beans that make up the component.

      Must not be null.

    • properties

      public Map<String,Object> properties
      The default component properties.

      These are merged (and possibly replaced) with runtime properties.

      Must not be null. May be empty if no default properties are provided.

  • Constructor Details

    • ComponentTemplateDTO

      public ComponentTemplateDTO()