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Uses of Interface

Packages that use Filter
org.osgi.framework Framework Package Version 1.7. 
org.osgi.util.tracker Tracker Package Version 1.5. 

Uses of Filter in org.osgi.framework

Methods in org.osgi.framework that return Filter
static Filter FrameworkUtil.createFilter(java.lang.String filter)
          Creates a Filter object.
 Filter BundleContext.createFilter(java.lang.String filter)
          Creates a Filter object.

Uses of Filter in org.osgi.util.tracker

Fields in org.osgi.util.tracker declared as Filter
protected  Filter ServiceTracker.filter
          The Filter used by this ServiceTracker which specifies the search criteria for the services to track.

Constructors in org.osgi.util.tracker with parameters of type Filter
ServiceTracker(BundleContext context, Filter filter, ServiceTrackerCustomizer<S,T> customizer)
          Create a ServiceTracker on the specified Filter object.

OSGi™ Core
Release 5

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