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Interface BlueprintListener

public interface BlueprintListener

A BlueprintEvent Listener.

To receive Blueprint Events, a bundle must register a Blueprint Listener service. After a Blueprint Listener is registered, the Blueprint extender must synchronously send to this Blueprint Listener the last Blueprint Event for each ready Blueprint bundle managed by this extender. This replay of Blueprint Events is designed so that the new Blueprint Listener can be informed of the state of each Blueprint bundle. Blueprint Events sent during this replay will have the isReplay() flag set. The Blueprint extender must ensure that this replay phase does not interfere with new Blueprint Events so that the chronological order of all Blueprint Events received by the Blueprint Listener is preserved. If the last Blueprint Event for a given Blueprint bundle is DESTROYED, the extender must not send it during this replay phase.

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Method Summary
 void blueprintEvent(BlueprintEvent event)
          Receives notifications of a Blueprint Event.

Method Detail


void blueprintEvent(BlueprintEvent event)
Receives notifications of a Blueprint Event. Implementers should quickly process the event and return.

event - The BlueprintEvent.

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Release 5

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