OSGi™ Core
Release 6

Uses of Interface

Packages that use Resource
org.osgi.framework.wiring Framework Wiring Package Version 1.2. 
org.osgi.resource Resource Package Version 1.0. 

Uses of Resource in org.osgi.framework.wiring

Subinterfaces of Resource in org.osgi.framework.wiring
 interface BundleRevision
          Bundle Revision.

Uses of Resource in org.osgi.resource

Methods in org.osgi.resource that return Resource
 Resource Wire.getProvider()
          Returns the resource providing the capability.
 Resource Wire.getRequirer()
          Returns the resource who requires the capability.
 Resource Capability.getResource()
          Returns the resource declaring this capability.
 Resource Requirement.getResource()
          Returns the resource declaring this requirement.
 Resource Wiring.getResource()
          Returns the resource associated with this wiring.

OSGi™ Core
Release 6

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