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Interface UnfilteredServiceListener

All Superinterfaces:
EventListener, ServiceListener

public interface UnfilteredServiceListener
extends ServiceListener

A ServiceEvent listener that does not filter based upon any filter string specified to BundleContext.addServiceListener(ServiceListener, String). Using an UnfilteredServiceListener and specifying a filter string to BundleContext.addServiceListener(ServiceListener, String) allows the listener to receive all ServiceEvent objects while still advising ListenerHook implementation of the service interests in the filter string. For example, an implementation of Declarative Services would add an UnfilteredServiceListener with a filter string listing all the services referenced by all the service components. The Declarative Services implementation would receive all ServiceEvent objects for internal processing and a Remote Services discovery service implementation can observe the service interests of the service components using a ListenerHook. When the set of service components being processed changes, the Declarative Services implementation would re-add the UnfilteredServiceListener with an updated filter string.

When a ServiceEvent is fired, it is synchronously delivered to an UnfilteredServiceListener. The Framework may deliver ServiceEvent objects to an UnfilteredServiceListener out of order and may concurrently call and/or reenter an UnfilteredServiceListener.

An UnfilteredServiceListener object is registered with the Framework using the BundleContext.addServiceListener method. UnfilteredServiceListener objects are called with a ServiceEvent object when a service is registered, modified, or is in the process of unregistering.

ServiceEvent object delivery to UnfilteredServiceListener objects are not filtered by the filter specified when the listener was registered. If the Java Runtime Environment supports permissions, then some filtering is done. ServiceEvent objects are only delivered to the listener if the bundle which defines the listener object's class has the appropriate ServicePermission to get the service using at least one of the named classes under which the service was registered.

See Also:
ServiceEvent, ServicePermission

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