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Package org.osgi.framework

Framework Package Version 1.8.


Interface Summary
AllServiceListener A ServiceEvent listener that does not filter based upon package wiring.
Bundle An installed bundle in the Framework.
BundleActivator Customizes the starting and stopping of a bundle.
BundleContext A bundle's execution context within the Framework.
BundleListener A BundleEvent listener.
BundleReference A reference to a Bundle.
Configurable Deprecated. As of 1.2.
Constants Defines standard names for the OSGi environment system properties, service properties, and Manifest header attribute keys.
Filter An RFC 1960-based Filter.
FrameworkListener A FrameworkEvent listener.
PrototypeServiceFactory<S> A factory for prototype scope services.
ServiceFactory<S> A factory for bundle scope services.
ServiceListener A ServiceEvent listener.
ServiceObjects<S> Allows multiple service objects for a service to be obtained.
ServiceReference<S> A reference to a service.
ServiceRegistration<S> A registered service.
SynchronousBundleListener A synchronous BundleEvent listener.
UnfilteredServiceListener A ServiceEvent listener that does not filter based upon any filter string specified to BundleContext.addServiceListener(ServiceListener, String).

Class Summary
AdaptPermission A bundle's authority to adapt an object to a type.
AdminPermission A bundle's authority to perform specific privileged administrative operations on or to get sensitive information about a bundle.
BundleEvent An event from the Framework describing a bundle lifecycle change.
BundlePermission A bundle's authority to require or provide a bundle or to receive or attach fragments.
CapabilityPermission A bundle's authority to provide or require a capability.
FrameworkEvent A general event from the Framework.
FrameworkUtil Framework Utility class.
PackagePermission A bundle's authority to import or export a package.
ServiceEvent An event from the Framework describing a service lifecycle change.
ServicePermission A bundle's authority to register or get a service.
Version Version identifier for capabilities such as bundles and packages.
VersionRange Version range.

Exception Summary
BundleException A Framework exception used to indicate that a bundle lifecycle problem occurred.
InvalidSyntaxException A Framework exception used to indicate that a filter string has an invalid syntax.
ServiceException A service exception used to indicate that a service problem occurred.

Package org.osgi.framework Description

Framework Package Version 1.8.

Bundles wishing to use this package must list the package in the Import-Package header of the bundle's manifest.

Example import for consumers using the API in this package:

Import-Package: org.osgi.framework; version="[1.8,2.0)"

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