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Packages that use BundleRequirement
org.osgi.framework.hooks.resolver Framework Resolver Hooks Package Version 1.0. 
org.osgi.framework.wiring Framework Wiring Package Version 1.2. 

Uses of BundleRequirement in org.osgi.framework.hooks.resolver

Methods in org.osgi.framework.hooks.resolver with parameters of type BundleRequirement
 void ResolverHook.filterMatches(BundleRequirement requirement, Collection<BundleCapability> candidates)
          Filter matches hook method.

Uses of BundleRequirement in org.osgi.framework.wiring

Methods in org.osgi.framework.wiring that return BundleRequirement
 BundleRequirement BundleWire.getRequirement()
          Return the BundleRequirement for this wire.

Methods in org.osgi.framework.wiring that return types with arguments of type BundleRequirement
 List<BundleRequirement> BundleRevision.getDeclaredRequirements(String namespace)
          Returns the requirements declared by this bundle revision.
 List<BundleRequirement> BundleWiring.getRequirements(String namespace)
          Returns the requirements of this bundle wiring.

OSGi™ Core
Release 6

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