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Packages that use Version
org.osgi.framework Framework Package Version 1.8. 
org.osgi.framework.wiring Framework Wiring Package Version 1.2. 
org.osgi.service.packageadmin Package Admin Package Version 1.2. 

Uses of Version in org.osgi.framework

Fields in org.osgi.framework declared as Version
static Version Version.emptyVersion
          The empty version "0.0.0".

Methods in org.osgi.framework that return Version
 Version VersionRange.getLeft()
          Returns the left endpoint of this version range.
 Version VersionRange.getRight()
          Returns the right endpoint of this version range.
 Version Bundle.getVersion()
          Returns the version of this bundle as specified by its Bundle-Version manifest header.
static Version Version.parseVersion(String version)
          Parses a version identifier from the specified string.
static Version Version.valueOf(String version)
          Returns a Version object holding the version identifier in the specified String.

Methods in org.osgi.framework with parameters of type Version
 int Version.compareTo(Version other)
          Compares this Version object to another Version.
 boolean VersionRange.includes(Version version)
          Returns whether this version range includes the specified version.

Constructors in org.osgi.framework with parameters of type Version
VersionRange(char leftType, Version leftEndpoint, Version rightEndpoint, char rightType)
          Creates a version range from the specified versions.

Uses of Version in org.osgi.framework.wiring

Methods in org.osgi.framework.wiring that return Version
 Version BundleRevision.getVersion()
          Returns the version for this bundle revision.

Uses of Version in org.osgi.service.packageadmin

Methods in org.osgi.service.packageadmin that return Version
 Version ExportedPackage.getVersion()
          Deprecated. Returns the version of this exported package.
 Version RequiredBundle.getVersion()
          Deprecated. Returns the version of this required bundle.

OSGi™ Core
Release 6

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